A Prayer for Victims of Violence – Newtown, Connecticut

By: B.M. Howell

God of life and love, God of hope and new tomorrows,
God of compassion and comfort, God of healing and strength,
God of the cross, and God of the empty tomb;
we come before today with hearts that are saddened beyond words,
weighed down by the grief that has been wrought, once again,
by the evil and violence that so threatens our world.

It seems incomprehensible that in this Advent and Christmas Season,
a time when we think of angelic choirs bringing glad tidings of peace and joy,
we should have to bear witness to the senseless loss of so many lives;
both children and teachers alike.

How many lives have been utterly devastated by such violence?

How long will it take until for your kingdom will fully come?

When will harmony, reconciliation and peace truly come to reign in our lives?

Forgiving and healing God, we pray that your compassionate and healing Spirit will
embrace all of the hearts that have been wounded and broken by acts of violence
and hate, thinking today especially of the families, loved ones and friends,
of those who died in the Newtown, Connecticut shootings.

May they come to know the length and depth of your eternal love.

We pray that your Holy Spirit will empower and equip our hearts with the
wisdom, compassion, strength and grace to change our world, forever and for the

A Prayer for Victims of Violence – Newtown, Connecticut

In the days of John the Baptist, violence and brutality reigned in the world,
and he cried out to the nations for change;
so to may we urgently cry out to a broken and hurting world,
calling with courageous and faithful hearts for repentance and change.

Grant us God the wisdom and strength to be the bearers of your love
and the prophets of your peace in our world today.

May visions of angel choirs yet fill our hearts and our heads,
even as our eyes are yet clouded by a veil of tears.

And may your peace that passes all understanding
descend upon our hearts,
that it may be our guide and our strength in the days that lie ahead.


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